Update Newsletter

First Mennonite Update
October 2017 Volume 40 Number 11

Mission Festival 2017
Theme – “Testifying to God’s Grace”
Verse – Acts 20:24
Song – “My Story”
Goal – $216,000
Prayer Vigil:
9 a.m., Saturday, November 4 – 9 a.m., Sunday, November 5
Sunday, November 5:
Speaker with ministry to Muslims in MI (both services)
Tuesday, November 7:
Coffee Break at Swiss Village Social Corner 10 a.m.
Dan and Arlene Bauman
Wednesday, November 8:
Evening Meal (Smoked Pork Chops) 6 p.m.
Evening Service 7 p.m.
Tad and Barbara Wulliman
Sunday, November 12:
Trevor and Roberta Maxwell (both services)
Mission Festival Committees
Festival Coordinator – Linda McKean
Committee Members – Barb Dawson, Jeanne Frank, Fred Linn, Jeff Linthicum
Children’s Festival – Tad and Barbara Wulliman, Chris Hyman, Debby Neuenschwander
Brochure – Jenn Reusser
Transportation – Jim Eicher
Hospitality – Barb Dawson and Jeff Linthicum
Kitchen Committee – Sara Meyer
Website – Sara Jo Sprunger †

Mission Festival Speakers

Dan and Arlene Bauman

Dan was born in India to missionary parents. His father, a pastor and teacher, was also born in India to some of the first medical missionaries. Dan went to a boarding school in India called Woodstock. In 1972 they returned to the USA and lived in Indiana where his father was a pastor. Arlene spent her younger years in Pennsylvania until her parents went to Papua New Guinea (PNG) with Wycliffe Bible Translators (Wycliffe), in 1972. She grew up in PNG through high school. Her parents helped translate the Rawa New Testament. While they were working in the village she stayed in a children's home at Ukarumpa, the main translation support center in PNG. In 1979 she returned to the US for college.

After graduating from Taylor University in Indiana they got married in 1984 and worked in Michigan for several years. Dan and Arlene felt they needed to follow God's leading which took them into missionary service overseas with Wycliffe. In 1990, with 6-month-old son Scott, they headed to Ukarumpa, where Dan did computer technical support and later Arlene helped in the Scripture publication department. Their youngest son, Michael, was born in PNG.

After 10 years of supporting the computer needs Dan switched to doing audio recordings. He traveled to remote villages and recorded scripture, hymns and songs in the languages of PNG. Now he records mainly in the studios at Ukarumpa and processes recordings done by others. More translation teams are recording full New Testaments before typesetting (preparing the book for printing). They find that reading the text brings out more natural ways to convey meaning in the language.

In recent years Scripture recording needs have mushroomed. Technology is providing great tools for distributing recorded Scripture to people in remote areas who don't have electrical power. Thousands of portable solar powered scripture players have been distributed. A new portable WiFi electronic distribution thrust has begun, making Scripture text, audio recordings, smart phone apps and videos available remotely in hundreds of languages. Micro-SD cards containing this material are also popular. Scripture apps are being produced which combine Scripture audio recordings with the text so people can follow the highlighted text as they hear Scripture recordings played on their phones.

While in the USA, Dan supports the work in PNG by:
• Editing Scripture recordings in Baruga (whole New Testament), Nai (Acts) and Kombio (Jonah, Matthew).
• Working on a computer program which combines recorded Scripture, images and music to produce short, simple Bible story videos.
• Composing and recording background music for use with Scripture audio recordings.
• Sharing about the work and needs in Papua New Guinea.

Arlene and Dan plan on returning to PNG the beginning of February 2018. Dan will continue recording and processing Scripture as well as managing the office computers. He also plans to work on automating the production of Scripture video slide shows for both old and new Scripture recordings. Arlene is moving out of the Scripture publication role into a new position which will be looked into once they are back in PNG.

Tad and Barb Wulliman

Tad and Barb, along with their four children, were first commissioned by FMC and Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1984 when they traveled to Manila, Philippines to serve at Faith Academy, an international school for missionary kids. Since then, they supported the work of Bible translation and children’s education at different locations throughout the Philippines in different roles. Most recently Tad has strategically managed the construction of significant buildings at Faith while Barb stimulated students to learn in her classes. Another joy was teaching Sunday school and planning activities for Filipino students in grades 4-8 for many years. They are grateful for many long-term friendships with Filipino families where they were Tita Barb and Tito Tad. They are excited to help lead the FMC elementary kids in this year's Mission Festival.




Trevor and Roberta Maxwell
As the holder of three passports and military service, Trevor Maxwell has been jokingly suspected of CIA activity by international friends. Born on Staten Island to a Kiwi father and British mother who were attending Bible school, Trevor calls Kenya—his mother's birthplace—home. After graduating from Rift Valley Academy, Trevor studied education at John Brown University in Arkansas where he fell head over heels for Roberta and has never recovered. Roberta's school years spent in the Philippines made her a perfect match for this adventurous elementary teacher, and together they taught in Kuwait for two years before returning to Arkansas for Trevor's masters in education administration. Then the parents of two daughters, the family moved to Kenya, where for seven years Trevor served as the headmaster of West Nairobi School followed by a move to Rwanda to lead Kigali International Community School for four years. Both schools received their ACSI and MSA accreditation during Trevor's leadership. Roberta taught high school English part-time and mothered their three girls, Olivia Zahra, Monia and Chloe. The family joined Roberta's parents at Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines from 2013-2017. Currently, they are on home assignment in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, teaching their daughters to drive and transforming a storage building on their property into an apartment for Trevor's retired parents. They plan to return to Faith Academy in July. †

Children’s Mission Festival
Kids will hear what's going on in other parts of God's Kingdom by visiting a throne room of Sir Tad and Lady Barb and hearing what the ambassadors from other parts of the Kingdom have to report. The Sari Sari store (variety store in the Philippines) will be open beginning Sunday, November 5 after morning worship where kids can “purchase” authentic items from the Philippines. It will be open following all kids’ meetings during Mission Festival. All money raised during kids’ Mission Festival (offering banks and Sari Sari store) will benefit The Horizons of Hope village in the Philippines. We will be collecting specifically for baby formula. How many cans can we send them at $30 a can? †


Among Our People
Lydia Lehman was admitted to Adams Memorial Hospital for tests September 24. She was dismissed to Swiss Village September 27.
Nancy Graber was admitted to Lutheran Hospital October 9 for tests. She returned home October 12. †

Notes of Appreciation
Thank you to all the amazing children and adults at First Mennonite for your energy and enthusiasm in collecting $1,000.00 for My Coins Count this year. Your collection, along with the special 50th Anniversary push for matches from local businesses, helped raise over $210,000 to support water and other projects through My Coins Count. Your funds help build handwashing stations to allow girls to attend school in Uganda, irrigate crops for farmers in India, provide water catchment systems to water vegetable gardens in Honduras and Guatemala, and pipe water into poor people's homes in Egypt. Your support offers more than just life-giving water; it offers hope to families struggling with challenging circumstances. Thank you for your generosity and creativity in sharing the love of Christ around the world through Mennonite Central Committee and My Coins Count.
Les Gustafson-Zook, MyCC Coordinator, Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale

Thank you to all for your prayers, cards and visits during my recent surgeries and therapy. They are very much appreciated. Prayer is a powerful thing. Also, thank you for the prayer shawl and those that provide that ministry.
Dan Dawson

We want to thank our loving congregation for all the love and support through the cards, food, phone calls, gifts, prayers and prayer shawl with the passing of our beloved wife, mother and grandmother, Bertha Mae Neuenschwander.  Also we want to thank everyone who took the time to visit Mom during the three weeks that she was in the ICU. Thank you also to Pastor Jeff who did a wonderful job memorializing the life of Bertha Mae and to the kitchen committee who put together a wonderful meal following the burial.  As much as we grieve the loss of Bertha Mae, we also rejoice knowing that she is now with her Lord and Savior and we will see her again someday.
Denver Neuenschwander
Dan and Damara Neuenschwander and family
Matt and Becky Buckingham and family
Sean and Sara Davis and family †



Parenting in the 21st Century
The adult ministries and the children’s committee have joined to present a four-part series called Parenting in the 21st Century.
The first part is a video series by author Paul Tripp. He is speaking on his book titled “Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles that can Radically Change Your Family.” This is a four-week series on the first four Sundays in October from 4-6 p.m. The video is followed by discussion and fellowship.
The second part will be a Wednesday night class in December taught by our own Chris Gilbert. She will be discussing putting boundaries on technology in an effort to protect your kids from pornography.
The third part is also a Wednesday night class during January and February. Dr. Kent Lehman will be discussing what the Bible says about parenting.
The final part is titled “Parenting: Our Digital World.” Clinton Faupel, founder of Remedy Live, will be talking with parents about things that can help navigate parenting in the digital world we live in. This class will be three Wednesdays from April 18 – May 2 at 6:30 p.m.—note the earlier start time. We will also be serving the meal a little early for those three weeks only, beginning at 5:30 p.m. †

The MCC Meat Canner is Coming
The days are getting shorter, and there is a nip in the air. Before we know it, the calendar will be turned and the new year will have arrived! With the beginning of a new year, the MCC Meat Canner can’t be far away. The committee is hard at work getting the supplies and meat ordered. Please be in prayer for the MCC Mobile Meat Canner as it begins its journey across the United States and all the different stops it makes, canning turkey, beef, chicken and pork. The need is so great with war, famine and natural disasters occurring all over the world. Some can travel with MDS and help rebuild after a natural disaster but others can’t. The MCC Meat Canner coming to our hometown enables all of us to do something physically for those in need. Mark your calendars for January 26 and 27, when we are scheduled to host the MCC Meat Canner! †

Garden Rakes Out, Snowflakes In—Winter Quarter Starting Soon
The season of garden rakes will end before long, and snowflakes and shovels will soon follow. We invite you to come inside on those chilly Wednesday evenings and enjoy our wonderful fellowship meals! 

New studies will begin in our Wednesday Midweek services as we turn the corner toward winter. In the chapel, we look forward in December to a DVD in three parts, Is Genesis History? Dr. Del Tackett (creator of The Truth Project), hikes through canyons, climbs up mountains and dives below the sea as he explores a discussion of two competing views regarding earth’s history. Through this we will gain understanding of why we can feel confident believing the Bible's account of creation.

Then in January and February, we look forward to chapel teachers Marcia Cressman, Steve Lehman, Pastor Jerry Flueckiger and Heidi Lehman filling out our winter Bible study lineup.
In addition to the chapel, several very impacting electives will be offered. More information coming next month! The Lord has a rich blessing in store for His people who come together to seek Him and feed upon His word. Let’s dig into all He has for us! †