Prayer & Praise Items

January 26, 2022
First Mennonite Church

Our praises and prayers for the next few weeks will be focusing on our sermon series about families.


Praise God for His everlasting love! Lord, we thank You that because of Your love we are able to love others. As a family may we treat each other with compassion, and show us any areas where our hearts need to change or repent. May we so freely offer forgiveness to our family and friends as You so freely forgive us.

Praise God that He is always right beside us. We praise You, Lord, that You never leave us. Remind each member of our family today in a special way that You are at our right hand. We pray in the good times and in the bad that Your praise would continually be on our lips. Though the earth may shake and the rain may come, our family will not be shaken because You are always with us.


Pray for our workers of the week: Dan & Arlene.

For two more churches joining our team.
• For good communication with the guys in PNG, and a productive phone conversation with Dan’s manager.
• For the ability for Dan to resolve several recording project issues.
• For protection as we traveled to West Virginia due to a medical emergency with Arlene’s sister’s family.
• For caring and helpful hospital nurses, doctors and staff.
• Comfort and peace for Arlene’s sister and family as her husband, Louis, passed away at the hospital on Monday night due to bacterial pneumonia. Pray for Arlene’s sister Laurel Lynn and her sons having to deal with the loss of a husband and father.
• Wisdom to know how long we stay in West Virginia after the funeral, as Laurel Lynn and son David now need to run the family store that Louis was mainly managing.
• Accuracy in the final recording and processing of the New Testament recordings in the Kaluli language in PNG.

Pray for 6 unspoken requests.

COVID-19: Pray for the COVID situation here and around the world. Pray for protection for residents of Swiss Village and Envive Healthcare. Pray for families dealing with illness and quarantine.

Persecuted Church: Pray for pastors and church leaders in China to stand firmly for biblical truth in spite of government pressure to compromise. Pray for the safe distribution of Bibles in every part of China.

Pray for the Adams County Strong marriage conference this weekend with Mark Gungor.

Father, we ask that You help parents make the right decisions about their children’s lives. We trust that You are in control and that you will protect our families in these confusing and often concerning days we are living in.


Swiss Village: Bonnie Flueckiger (in nursing care for rehab); Sue Carlson (in nursing care)

Envive Healthcare: Chuck Dabbs (on hospice)
Hospital: Clyde Wulliman (had surgery today at IU Health in Indianapolis to remove tumors from his liver); Carol Lehman (at Adams Memorial with heart issues); Rev. John Sprunger’s wife, Deb (fluid on the lungs; also, John has had several recent falls)
Home: Abby Tumbleson (rehab at home); Ted Beitler (recovering from hip replacement surgery); Joe Schwartz (rehab); Army Velasco (high ammonia levels); Andy Dawson (treatment at home); Van Wulliman (cancer treatments)

We pray for the following who are part of the church family:
Brian, June, Noah & Ethan Crockett
Rita Augsburger
Dan & Nancy Mock
Steve & Mary Sommer
Malcolm & Jeanne Stauffer
Linda Page
Brandon, Elizabeth, Brooklyn & Alyssa Fruechte
Ryan Sprunger
Paul & Lynn Steenburg
Gordon & Yarna Claassen
Please phone Prayer & Praise items to the church office, 8:00a.m.- 4:30p.m., 589-3108; or Jim Schwartz, 525-0124