Prayer & Praise Items

January 10, 2018
First Mennonite Church

Praise God for the young couples who attend our church. Pray that we may encourage them in their Christian life and testimony.

Praise for the quiz team of the church and the time and effort these young people spend to study and memorize God’s Word. Also pray for the leaders who encourage them.

Pray for our missionaries of the week: Tim & Suanne. Tim especially has a lot of traveling coming up in the next few weeks that he would appreciate prayer for. Here is a bit of the schedule: This week, Jan. 10-13, Tim and Suanne are heading to Grand Rapids, MI to help lead one of Global Disciples’ Small Business Development trainings for a group of about 20 people who are interested in taking this SBD training to other parts of the world where they are called to serve. The 13th, Tim will be flying from Grand Rapids directly to Hong Kong where he will meet up with a local co-worker to fly to a nearby country and then take a bus into another country where they will join with several leaders traveling from the country where Tim and Suanne have most recently been working. They will lead a Mission Focused Discipleship Training for an underground training school from Jan. 16-19. On the 19th, Tim and his co-worker will return to Hong Kong where they will participate in a local missions conference focused on discipleship. Tim then will travel to Thailand for a couple days of Global Disciples meetings. Suanne will meet up with Tim on Jan. 27 in the country they’ve been working in to lead a small tour of some Global staff and partners. After international partner and board meetings, Tim and Suanne will return home on Feb 6.
Pray for 1 unspoken request.

Pray for the preparations that are going on for the MCC Meat Canner that will be here on January 26 and 27.

Our week of working with the Wycliffe recruiters in Dallas is complete. The purpose was to expose attendees to Wycliffe Bible Translators and the need of those in Bible poverty....those with no scripture available in their language. We had 28 students from as far away as Seattle, Washington. There was a wide age span of folks eager to know how to help Bibleless people. It was a week full of information, language learning exposure, teaching on principles of Bible Translation, and eye opening real life testimonies from Wycliffe missionaries who are already involved. The days were packed full. Nearly half of the attendees are already signed up to begin the process of working with Wycliffe, a major praise to the Lord. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers as we return to Berne later this week. Barb and Tad

God calls us to encourage each other. Here is a list of January birthdays for missionaries and church staff. A basket will be placed in the foyer in which you may place cards for them, and these will be sent for you.
13 Neill Von Gunten   19 Brian Fox

Adams Memorial: Dan Wenger (broken arm & 2 compressed vertebrae in his back due to a fall)

At Home:
Brandon Hill (surgery January 11 for spinal tumor)
Alan Habegger (foot surgery January 11)
Waneta Habegger (following hospital stay)

Cancer: Sharon Wheeler, Betty Stuber, Byron Fox, Jerry Flueckiger, Clyde Wulliman, Cindy Habegger, Mic Hodson, Tim Breauchy, Bob Beitler, Phil Sprunger, Larry Reinhard, Debby Folk
We pray for these who are part of the First Mennonite family:
Rod & Sandra Lehman                Jamie McDonald
Dave & Carolee Nussbaum       Terry & Kay Sheets
Lynn & Bonnie Sprunger
Nick, Dawn, Cam, Kaleb, Cayden & Christopher Stevens
Barbara Yoder                               Doug & Candice Bauman
Helen Buckingham                      Ardythe Flueckiger
Brent, Chris, Camden, Conner & Cole Hyman
Please phone Prayer & Praise items to church office, 8:00
a.m.- 4:30 p.m., 589-3108, or Jim Schwartz