Prayer & Praise Items


March 14, 2018

First Mennonite Church



Praise God for the 3rd-6th graders who participated in this year’s Junior Bible Quizzing program. Pray that they will make use of God’s Word planted in their hearts.

 Praise God for our many senior adults who are upholding the Lord’s work, including the church, in prayer.


Pray for  our missionaries of the week: Kurt & Katie Cline. Katie and I would like to praise God for our 10th anniversary that we had this month.  It's by God's grace that we have been blessed with each other and with two beautiful boys. We could use prayer for health. Over the last month, the boys have gone from sickness to sickness. Our team, in general, is struggling with several health issues from backs, shoulders, vertigo, flu, and pink eye to name a few.  I know it has been a challenging month for many.  Please pray for protection and that God would cause us to grow in faith and trust in Him.

  Pray for 4 unspoken requests.

 Pray for each of our pastors as they encounter many decisions and responsibilities daily.

 Pray that our government leaders would desire to lead our nation according to righteousness, justice, and peace....that they will know that the Lord is the sovereign God and will seek His guidance.

  God calls us to encourage each other. Here is a list of March birthdays for missionaries and church staff. A basket will be placed in the foyer in which you may place cards for them, and these will be sent for you.

 23   Noelia Fox   23   Tad Wulliman    31   Jan Claassen


 Parkview Ortho: Tara Steffen (surgery today)

 Parkview: Louise Lehman

 Florida: Shirley Prentiss (gall bladder surgery tomorrow.)

 Other:  Twyla Sprunger (Swiss Village rehab.)

 At Home:

Dale Sprunger (eye surgery on March 19.)

Grant Meyer (will be flying back to the states for shoulder surgery on March 26.)

 Cancer: Sharon Wheeler, Betty Stuber, Byron Fox, Jerry Flueckiger, Clyde Wulliman, Mic Hodson, Tim Breauchy, Phil Sprunger, Larry Reinhard

 We pray for these who are part of the First Mennonite family:

Kendall Lehman

Mic & Linda Hodson

John & Sonja Bluhm

Joe & Julie Adams

Bryce & Deloris Christy

Janice Sackenheim

Barb McDonald

Van & Sharon Wulliman

Kent, Becky, Jessica, Sarah, Krista & Grace Lehman

Carson & Erika Tumbleson

Don & Jean Lehman


Please phone Prayer & Praise items to church office, 8:00

a.m.- 4:30 p.m., 589-3108, or Jim Schwartz, 525-0124.