Prayer & Praise Items

December 12, 2018
First Mennonite Church

Praise God for the wonderful Sunday School program last Sunday night. We are glad for each of the children who could participate and learn the real meaning of Christmas.

Praise God for the great gift of Jesus Christ to us as we celebrate His birth and message of salvation. Pray that many people will realize the true meaning of Christmas.

Pray for  our missionaries this week: Brian & Noelia Fox. Noelia and I are enjoying working with the young couples group from church. We started meeting in September and it has been a lot of fun getting together with these couples and talking about marriage and family life.  Looking back we would have never thought that we would be doing this type of ministry, but we can see how God has been preparing us for the last few years and now we are really excited to see where God will take us. Though this is a new ministry in our church, we already have seen a lot of interest and now have 7 couples in our group, plus children, so whenever we meet it is always a full house.  Please pray for us as we continue to work with these couples, both as a group and individually, that God would give us wisdom as we teach them how to love and respect one another.

Pray for Thom In’t Groen, who left this past Sunday for the Netherlands. Pray for his time of transition.

Pray for those who are experiencing deep distress, that they will be reminded that Jesus knows, understands, and cares.

Pray for 8 unspoken requests. Thank you for upholding these needs in prayer.

Pray for our nation and the challenges that we face.  Pray for our government leaders.

Adams Memorial: Rod Mosser (knee replacement surgery)

Swiss Village:  Ruth Sommer (in rehab due to a fall); Betty Stuber (in rehab); Jerry Flueckiger (removed from Hospice and back in Edelweiss for recovery)

At Home: Kendall Lehman (cardioversion recovery); Dave Wulliman (knee surgery recovery)

Cancer: Don Graber, Sharon Wheeler, Jerry Flueckiger, Clyde Wulliman, Mic Hodson, Tim Breauchy
We pray for these who are part of the First Mennonite family:
Denver Neuenschwander
Jennifer & Spencer Lehman
Dave, Kelly, Spencer, Caroline, Walker, Jane & Quentin Keim
Kent & Jeanne Frank
Jamie & Marcia Cressman
Matthew, Jesica, Max, Gus & Eva Jo Adams
Phil, Amy & Sydney Tumbleson
Eldon, Jan & Sarah Claassen
Corwin & Ann Fosnaugh
Please phone Prayer & Praise items to church office, 8:00
a.m.- 4:30 p.m., 589-3108, or Jim Schwartz, 525-0124.