Year-End Reminders

Attention Snowbirds! If you are one of those fortunate beings heading south to beat the cold, please remember to leave your address with the church office. 

Treasurers of Sunday School classes, Chancel Choir, Mennonite Choral Society, please turn in your year-end report by December 29.

Offering envelopes are still available to be picked up. If you do not yet have your envelopes, please locate them on the table in the hallway on Sunday mornings or pick  them up from the church office. Envelopes will not be mailed, except to out-of-town members.

Individual Year-End Giving – In order for year-end contributions to be credited to this year’s giving, they must be received at the church office, or postmarked, by December 31. Contributions received after December 31 will be posted as 2018 giving.

Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2017