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Beyond Fear and Doubt — May 1, 2011

Speaker: Galen Burkholder

As fear keeps us in our comfortable our places, we are reminded that it's okay to now know what's next as long as we're walking with the One who does.

His Resurrection — Apr 24, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

The Angel at the tomb declares some great truths about the resurrection. Jesus has been raised to life, there is reconciliation, and there is a renewed call to follow Him.

His Surrender — Apr 17, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

In Mark 11, Jesus rode in to Jerusalem on his own terms to the shouts of Hosanna. The crowds were disappointed by his non action in the Temple on that day, but the next day he brings the Temple system to a close. Pointing toward himself being the agent of God’s grace.

A Building for a King — Apr 10, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

1 Corinthians 3:10-17.  In order to have a structure fulfill its purpose for God we need to understand how we build our lives. We lay Jesus Christ as the foundation, we build with the word of God, and we build according to His plans.

His Paradoxes — Apr 3, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Jesus being a master teacher used many different approaches to teaching: miracles, parables, proverbs, and paradoxes. Using the paradoxes of the kingdom Jesus teaches us that the norm for our culture is not the same as the Kingdom of God.

His Preview — Mar 27, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

In Mark 9 we see several types of belief in play. The 3 disciples on the mountain get a boost as to what they believe about Jesus. The disciples left at the bottom of the mountain put their belief into action. And a father struggles with his unbelief. In the end the disciples argue about who is the greatest because of their experiences and Jesus redefines greatness for them.

His Way — Mar 20, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Jesus' encounter with the Pharisees lays out a challenge of who is in charge. Will Jesus do things there way or His way. Peter falls into the same trap with his expectations of what the Messiah should do. We need to remember that our job is to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him.

Faith Matters — Mar 13, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Darren Kloepper

In today's culture it's commonly said that seeing is believing. However, the Bible teaches that genuine faith is defined as believing without seeing. The story of Rahab's declaration in Joshua 2 gives a great example of authentic faith, and in a world that seems to be falling apart faith really does matter.

His Favor — Mar 6, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

We see Jesus interacting with an ethnic group that the Jewish people would have been traditionally hostile to. He then goes to show favor to a person on the outs not just with the Jewish people but society as a whole. It should make us pause to think are we showing God’s favor to similar people in our day and age?

His Tradition — Feb 27, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Jesus was challenged for the fact that his disciples did not follow the traditions of the elders. The fact is the Pharisees had traded God’s commands for the traditions of men. In doing so they were focusing on surface issues, in doing so confused God’s ideas with their own. In the midst of this Jesus calls us back to the main issue or hearts.

His Rejection — Feb 20, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Mark 6 His Rejection. We see in Mark different types of unbelief that presents itself in rejection of Jesus. His hometown people were too familiar with Him that they could not accept Him. Herod’s refusal top accept John’s council is a form of rejection we see toward Jesus in our day in age, people claim to know and love Him but will do obey His commands. The disciples have failed to recognize who He is in the midst of the miracles an our charge with hardened hearts.

His Miracles — Feb 13, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

His Miracles—Jesus encounters many people at their wits ends now where else to turn for their situation in life. It is at this point they turn to Jesus and see Him move in a mighty way. The question for us today is do we know who this Jesus is?

His Parables — Feb 6, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

We have Jesus longest exposition in the book of Mark. It is composed of Parables trying to get people to listen. He uses symbols to represent the truths of Kingdom all in order to get us to soften, deepen and un-clutter our hearts, by hearing His words!

His Opposition — Jan 30, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Jesus experienced much opposition in His ministry, from the Religious leaders to His very own family. In the midst of the opposition he has those who would be His followers and he challenges them to spend time with Him, preach the word, and confront evil. It is those who do this now make up the family of God.

His Authority — Jan 23, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Jesus shows his divine authority by forgiving sin and declaring that He is Lord of the Sabbath. He does not live up to our expectations how he should be and act we need to live up to His if we truly believe he Has divine authority.

His Power — Jan 16, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Jesus begins His ministry proclaiming the Kingdom of God and showing the power of the kingdom over demonic forces, over the human condition, and the power to restore lives.

His Preparation — Jan 9, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

His Preparation—A Sermon looking at the preparation of Jesus and His ministry. The messenger fulfills prophecy by preparing the way for the Messiah, His Baptism was used by the Father in preparing Him in how He was to be as Messiah, and His temptations serve to prepare Him to relate to humanity.

Giving and Receiving God’s Love — Jan 2, 2011

Speaker: Pastor Darren Kloepper

To be properly equipped to give grace to others, we must first experience God's amazing love for ourselves. Luke 15 tells the story of two brothers, the younger brother who received God's love and the older brother who was challenged to give it. When we learn how to both give and receive God's love then we will discover true joy and live a life that places great value on others.

Three Wise Gifts — Dec 26, 2010

Speaker: Pastor Jerry Flueckiger

The Magi brought precious gifts. They were also practical gifts that foreshadowed Jesus life and ministry. They show their complete obedience to the new King born on Christmas. For us, they translate into gifts of goodness, grace, and love..

Christmas Eve Communion Service — Dec 24, 2010

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Hope Is Why — Dec 19, 2010

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Joy is Why — Dec 12, 2010

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Third Sunday in Advent: Looking at God removes the idols in our lives (those things that take the place of God in our lives) and replaces them with His joy. It is a joy rooted in the truth that God is with us and not on the things we substitute for Him.

Peace Is Why — Dec 5, 2010

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

Second Sunday of Advent we are looking at God's peace His Shalom. It is much more than just lack of war or violence. It means that injustices are set right and His people will have His heart. The things which breaks God's heart will break our hearts.

It Was For Love — Nov 28, 2010

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

It was for love Malachi 3:1-7

First Sunday in Advent we are looking at love as a motivating factor in Christ's coming. The people of God had become bored in their worship and Christ comes out of love to bring us cleansing and transformation.

Big Challenges — Nov 21, 2010

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

The 5th and final sermon in the series. The call of Jesus demands everything from us. It will demand our time, our abilities, and even our finances.

Ecuador Experiences — Nov 14, 2010

Speaker: Don Rheinheimer

Missionaries Don & Jan Rheimheimer from Ecuador were our guest speakers this Sunday. Don and Jan shared their missionary experience while serving with Mennonite Mission Network in Ecuador.

The Reconciling Work of the Kingdom — Nov 7, 2010

Speaker: Immanuel Sila

2 Corinthians 5:14-21 - As Christians living in America we must always remember that our allegiance is first and foremost to the Kingdom of God.

A Big Body — Oct 31, 2010

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

The fourth sermon in a series on the dynamic gospel. The gospel is not just a transaction between God and myself that is payable upon my death but it effects every aspect of my life. A part of that dynamic gospel is the church (universal and local) the gospel goes out from the church and leads others back to the church.

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