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A Dedicated People — Feb 17, 2013

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum
In Numbers 5-7 we see God calling the people of Israel to be his people. This is reflected by bing a clean people, a separated people, a blessed people, and a generous people.

The Feasts — Feb 10, 2013

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum
In Leviticus 23 we look at the feasts and sacred assemblies the people of Israel were told to celebrate. In the celebrations we see them pointing to Jesus' Crucifixion, His Resurrection, and His glorious return.

The Sacrifices — Feb 3, 2013

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Today, we examine the sacrifices and offerings described in Leviticus 1-7.  We will see how these offerings show our comittment to God, open the opportunity for communion with God, and offer cleansing so we can be with God.

God’s Expectation — Jan 27, 2013

Speaker: Jerry Flueckiger
An empty frame is in a Kentucky courthouse--where the ten commandments formerly were displayed; by order of supreme court it had to be removed. The first four commandments guide our relationship with God. The final six commandments guide our relationship with others. They should not only be on display but they should be evident in how we live.

God’s Leader — Jan 20, 2013

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum
In Exodus we see Moses offering excuses instead of service. In his excuses we can hear our own excuses many times: Who am I? Who are you? What if? I can't! I won't!

A Struggle — Jan 13, 2013

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

As we examine the life of Jacob, we see he was a conniver and used to making things work to his advantage. His conniving ways come back to bite him as he is connived by his uncle Laban. It is not until he is put in a desperate situation that he concedes to God. We all need to come to that point of brokenness and surrender to God.

First Words — Jan 6, 2013

Speaker: Jerry Flueckiger
"Let there be Light.". For Him, saying was doing.. We are people of the light and as we begin 2013's journey, we are to walk in light--fully exposed to God and the world. To live in darkness is to continue sin's habits. We are to be light to the nations, to our own nation, and to the community. We are God's light in a chaotic mixed-up world.

The Time Is Now — Dec 30, 2012

Speaker: Darren Kloepper
Sometimes Christians get caught up in their own dreams and plans and fail to seek God's perfect plan. This week Pastor Darren shows how an Old Testament prophet can remind us even today that we are in this world to accomplish God's purposes. This week's sermon asks a soul-searching question that all of us must answer. How we answer the question will no doubt change how we approach life and experience the supernatural.

The Light of Love — Dec 23, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

We look through the lens of 1 John 4 where we see that God is love, He has revealed His love to us, and because of His love we need to love one another.

The Light of Joy — Dec 16, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum
In looking at Luke 1:39-45 we see the light of joy in the story of Mary and Elizabeth. We see that joy is a gift from God, it can be present in challenges, and it needs to be shared.

Light of Peace — Dec 9, 2012

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

In chapter 2 of Isaiah's prophecy we see a promise of a day coming that should bring us Peace. If we believe the promise and respond by making Him a priority we will experience His Peace.

The Light of Hope — Dec 2, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum
To start the Advent season we look at the prophecy given by Jeremiah in Chapter 33:14-16. We see what it was that gave them hope. The prophecy was rooted in a promise, it was to be fulfilled at a certain time, and it was that the Lord would be our righteousness.

The Living Church —Part 2 — Nov 25, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

It is important for us in a day of individual desire and pursuit that we regain the importance of the Church. In Acts 2 we see the early church that was formed by a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. As an outflow of that move they became Worshipping Church, a Caring Church, a Witnessing Church, and a Discipling Church. It serves a model for us today. Today, we discuss the early church's examples of Witness and Discipleship and examine how we can apply them to our lives today.

The Living Church - Part 1 — Nov 18, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

It is important for us in a day of individual desire and pursuit that we regain the importance of the Church.  In Acts 2 we see the early church that was formed by a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. As an outflow of that move they became Worshipping Church, a Caring Church, a Witnessing Church, and a Discipling Church. It serves a model for us today.  Today, we discuss the early church's examples of Worship and Care and examine how we can apply them to our lives today.

Missions Here and There — Nov 11, 2012

Speaker: Scott Miller

When we consider Jesus's second miraculous feeding of the multitudes, a few themes stick out: Jesus is compassionate, he does much with little, and he uses unlikely servants.  We also consider Jesus's heart for all peoples, hold a mirror to our own selfishness, and have the chance to accept an invitation to share.  We finish with a practical look at three simple ways we can help spread God's message.

Bridges of God — Nov 4, 2012

Speaker: Sunoko Lin

As we examine the account of Pentecost in Acts, we see how God takes His message to the unreached, breaking down walls of language and ethnicity.  We see that as we help God spread His message, we need to cross barriers from churched to unchurched people.  We must keep learning and relearning about the others' cultures.  We must always remember that the message of salvation through Christ does not belong to only one group but to all peoples of the world.  There is no greater ministry than sharing God's love to all people.

How do You? — Oct 28, 2012

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

In our final sermon in looking at church discipline we will look at a practical approach to church discipline. It is a six step process to bring a consistent even handed approach to a difficult subject. All along the way we keep the desired outcome before us: restoring a brother or sister.

If So, When? — Oct 21, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

When is church discipline needed? We fist take a look at when we shouldn't practice discipline--this is an aspect of discipline that we have missed to the detriment of the church.  We then turn our attention of when you we should implement church discipline.  Finally, we see the desire of church discipline-- if we are going to be Biblical and practice discipline, restoration of the lost needs to be on our minds.

Why Bother? — Oct 14, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

We continue our look at church discipline and ask the question of "why bother?" The answer: it is a reflection of God's character, It is rooted in God's word, and it releases God's children.

The Lost Doctrine — Oct 7, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

A doctrine is something taught or a position held by a group. From the inception of the Church, discipline has been practiced to restore believers caught in sin, not as punishment for erring people. Today we look at how we lost this Biblical doctrine and why we need to regain this Godly principle.

One Foundation — Sep 30, 2012

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

In closing out the Sermon on the Mount we see Jesus once again challenging us to put the words of the Sermon into practice in our daily lives. He compares the person who puts His words into practice to a wise man who builds his house on a rock, and the one who does not put his words into practice to the foolish man who builds his house on sand. We then close out the sermon by looking at the authority of Jesus.

Are You Doing? — Sep 23, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus has some of the strongest words in all of scripture for us. Declaring that a confession of Him as Lord is not enough--we need to do the will of the Father.  It is not about our good, great, or even miraculous works; it is about the transforming nature of Jesus in our lives.

How You Decide — Sep 16, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

In continuing his closing remarks on the Sermon on the Mount Jesus brings some tough words. He tells us that there is both a narrow way and a broad way--one leads to destruction and the other to life. He tells us that there are false prophets that will tell us there is not a narrow way, yet we should not fear as he has given us a way to identify the false prophets.

Golden Rule — Sep 9, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus is starting to wrap up the Sermon onthe Mount by challenging us to "do." Although many religions tell us "don't do to people" Jesus gives us a unique call to action. We are able to "do" because of Jesus's instructions earlier in the Sermon on the Mount. We see that the Golden Rule is the summation of the law.

Jesus’ Passion for the Lost — Sep 2, 2012

Speaker: Loren Claassen

As Christians, we have all been rescued by Jesus from the stormy sea of sin.  How do we respond to our salvation?  Do we stand idly by without ever thinking of those still drowning in sin, or do we participate in the work of salvation by introducing those who still need salvation to Jesus?  We take a look at some pratical steps to help spread Jesus' hope to a lost world.

Ask and It Will Be Given — Aug 26, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

As we reflect on the immensity of the Sermon on the Mount, it is easy to become overwhelmed and think of the impossibility of it. Yet it is here where we are called to ask, seek, and knock. Jesus wants us to set out in pursuit of him, when we do this we are assured of a response from Him, and the reason for the response is we have a Father in heaven.

Specks, Planks, and Hypocrites — Aug 19, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus moves from a negative attitude towards ourselves in the form of worry to a negative attitude towards others in the form of judgement. Do not Judge is one of the best known commands in the Bible. It has been used to defend sinful lifestyles for years. We will look at what Jesus really means by instructing us not to judge and then we examine ourselves and remove the beam from our own eye.  Only then can we assist others with their sepck.

Don’t Worry — Aug 12, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus closes out Matthew 6 with a very relevant message: don't worry.  But he does not just telling us not to worry--He tells us why we should not worry. At the very end of the chapter he tells us that instead of worrying we should seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness.

Better Than the Bank — Aug 5, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

After finishing His talk on the spiritual disciplines we do in secret, Jesus now turns His attention to everyday life. He is bringing the two together showing there is no separation between sacred or secular. Jesus lays this out with three questions: "what is our treasure?", "what is our vision?", and finally "what has the most worth in our life?"

It’s Not A Diet — Jul 29, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus closes out the first part of Chapter six by looking at the final spiritual discipline we should keep secret: fasting. We will look at some Biblical examples of fasting, answer the often asked question "is fasting commanded?", and close by looking at the purpose of fasting.

How To Pray — Jul 22, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus once again looking at a spiritual discipline turns His attention to prayer. He looks at the prayers of the hypocrites, the prayers of the Pagans, and then teaches us how we should pray.

Act of Righteousness — Jul 8, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Love Who? — Jul 1, 2012

Speaker: Jef Linthicum

Jesus makes his 6th and final declaration “you have heard it said…but I say to you…”  We look at the issue of loving our neighbors and hating our enemies which was taught by the religious leaders of His day.  Jesus corrects this teaching by declaring “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” and we are challenged to love our enemy.

Don’t We Have Rights? — Jun 24, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus looks at the Old Testamant teaching of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He calls us to a radical position of laying down our rights of personal revenge in order to reflect His Kingdom's standards to those who are not a part of the Kingdom.

Fatherhood — Jun 17, 2012

Speaker: Jerry Flueckiger

Fathers need to be under-bearing with their children--support them, be behind, beside, and with them.  We see Abraham's obedience even when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Just like Abraham, we need to be God fearing and show the example of discipleship to our children as they watch us.

You Must Be on Something — Jun 10, 2012

Speaker: Jerry Flueckiger

As followers of Christ, we need to recapture the excitement of the new convert, even though their fervor can make us uncomfortable--almost as if they are on something.  We should be excited about the scriptures and worship and strive to sense the power of God's word and His spirit.  Like the one leper Jesus' healed, we should give praise and thanks to God for what he's done.

Living on a Prayer — Jun 3, 2012

Speaker: Darren Kloepper

We were created to make a difference and in our more reflective times of life, we would admit a genuine desire to make our lives count.  If we're really serious about impacting our culture, then studying the prayers of Paul found in Ephesians reveals a great outline for life.  As we seek to know God, love like Jesus, and intentionally order our lives around God's plans, then we will be sure to make a lasting mark in our world.

The Spirit Fell — May 27, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

On Pentecost Sunday, we remember the gift of the Holy Spirit to the early church.  We see how the Holy Spirit works in huge displays of power and also in our day-to-day lives.  The Holy Spirit empowers each of us for freedom, for inspiration, and for continued renewal in our lives.

Swearing Not Allowed — May 20, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

We continue in the Sermon on the Mount and look at what Jesus has to say about honesty in our lives.  We see what the Old Testament teaches about swearing oaths, how the religious leaders of Jesus's time dealt with oaths, and Jesus's response to all of this.

Kingdom Mothers — May 13, 2012

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicum

There are things that women of the church need to be concerned with. We see from the book of Titus that women have a mandate, a mission, and a motive.

For Keeps — May 6, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus looks at the issue of divorce quoting what was taught by the religious leaders of his day. We look at what Moses taught about divorce, what the Scribes and Pharisees taught about divorce, and what Jesus had to say about the permanence of marriage.

Call To Purity — Apr 29, 2012

Speaker: Pastor Jeff Linthicm

Jesus’ words to us ring as a real challenge to us today. Too often we fall in to the trap of the religious leaders of Jesus' day--we define sexual purity too broadly and sexual sin too narrowly. In Jesus teaching we find just the opposite. If we want to take the teachings of Jesus seriously we must face some strong implications.

The CHORDS Leading Worship — Apr 22, 2012

Speaker: CHORDS

Danger of Anger — Apr 15, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Continuing our journey through the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shifts his approach and looks at the law and the prophets. Jesus takes on the issue of murder and looks at the religious leaders' interpretation of the law.  We see how Jesus interprets the law and we look at what it means for us today.

It’s Empty — Apr 8, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

In John’s account of the resurrection we see three people with three different responses to the empty tomb. John was filled with belief, Peter was skeptical, and Mary was broken. Which are you?

Go Make Disciples — Apr 1, 2012

Speaker: Bill Moore

We look at Jesus' words to us in the Matthew 28:18-20: The Great Commission.  We are reminded that wherever we are, we are going with God's authority, on assignment for Him, and with the assurance that he is with us always.

The Old Is Not Gone — Mar 25, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

We examine Jesus' fulfillment of the law, our relationship to the law, and the wonder of our righteousness.

Citizens Are Revealing — Mar 18, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:13-16 provide a challenge for us today. In looking at this passage we will see what salt and light were in Jesus’ day. We will look at the challenge from Him to maintain our saltiness and to not hide our light. Then we will see the result of living as salt and light.

Citizens Are What? — Mar 11, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

In the final beatitude we look at the reality of persecution around the world, we see the blessing sthat come from persecution, and we see the reward of persecution.

The Four Rs — Mar 4, 2012

Speaker: Jerry Flueckiger

The Four Rs

To be the fertile soil four characteristics should be present:
Roots--includes church, family background that has given us a good start
Rituals--certain patterns keep us on course--worship, scripture reading, prayer, good routines
Relationships--first with Christ--then horizontally to those around us
Realities--when we get serious about our faith, difficulties will follow.  God sees us through but doesn't guarantee no problems
All four will help us prepare for God's word to grow and multiply through us.  Thus, harvest will be good.

Citizens Make Peace — Feb 26, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

In this Beatitude we look at what "peace" means in the New Testament, what it means to produce peace, and what it means to be a child of God.

Citizens Are Pure Within — Feb 19, 2012

Speaker: Jeff Linthicum

We look at the blessings which come from the purity of our heart. We will look at what a heart is in scripture and then turn our attention to what it means to be pure. We will close out by looking at the wonderful promise and discovering what it means to be called a child of God.

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