Our Leadership & Staff

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Jeff Linthicum
Senior Pastor

“I’m Jeff Linthicum, the Senior Pastor here at First Mennonite Church. My wife Megan and our two boys Nate and Josh have been led by the Lord to return to our home community after serving Him in other locations in the States as well as abroad. This congregation is very dear to us. This is Megan’s home church and it has supported us in missions. It’s a privilege to be on staff and to be part of what God is doing here. If you’re curious about our church, we welcome you to visit us! Here at First Mennonite, we’re all on a journey to become more like Christ with our words and with our actions. We haven’t perfected it yet, but perhaps you haven’t either and would like to join us as we seek to grow spiritually together.”


Jim Schwartz
Care and Visitation Pastor

"I’m Jim, Pastor of Care and Visitation here at First Mennonite. I was born and raised here in Berne, and I have spent most of my life here also. I’ve been in ministry since 1979 and have served most of those years in youth ministry here in Berne. I’ve also served 6 years in Haiti as a missionary. Mary Carol and I have been married 42 years and have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. I became a follower of Jesus here at First Mennonite when I was a child attending the Union Meetings. Transitioning from ministry to students to an older group has been exciting and very rewarding. It’s amazing to hear what God has done in the lives of our senior adults as well as see what he is still doing for each one."


Brent Hyman
Director of Music & Worship Ministries

“I can’t believe I get paid for this! Every day I am privileged to combine two of my favorite things, Jesus and music. I love to worship, facilitate worship, teach others to worship and watch volunteers give gladly of their time for worship at First Mennonite. One of the other great things about this calling is the variety of types and styles of music I get to work with. From choirs and handbells, to band instruments and praise band, we have lots of opportunities to worship God in music. I can’t think of a better way to spend my days! Aside from my position at church I am also husband to Chris and ‘Daddy’ to Camden, Conner and Cole.”


Seth Ringger
Interim Youth Director

"Hey Y’all! I’m Seth Ringger, the Interim Youth Pastor here at First Mennonite Church. I’m pretty new still, but already I’ve gotta say this is one of the best places to kick off church ministry, considering I grew up here. Besides that point though, I’m super excited about what God is doing in our youth group and this generation as a whole. I also happen to love hanging out and getting to know this group which is a major plus. Some fun facts about me are that I love crazy socks, movies, and outdoor adventures. Anyway, feel free to join us for a fun, Jesus filled time on Wednesday nights, or any of the other sporadic things we do!"


Chris Hyman
Children's Ministry Director

"My name is Chris, one of two Children’s Ministry Directors at First Mennonite. Brent and I both grew up in Kokomo, IN and graduated from Ball State University with music degrees. First Mennonite has been our church family for about 17 years. We began attending here soon after we got married. We both taught music at South Adams. Then, God blessed us with three boys and I was able to stay home. Now that they are all in school, a part-time, flexible job is just perfect for our family. I feel blessed to “do life” with the people of First Mennonite and humbled to be part of the staff."



Debby Neuenschwander
Children's Ministry Director

“Hi. I’m Debby, and I joined the staff in 2016. I am blessed to work alongside Chris in the children’s ministry. My husband and I have attended First Mennonite since 2010, and I have 3 adult stepchildren. Our church family is truly fortunate to have an abundance of children who are excited to learn about Jesus. The Children’s Ministry is hopefully providing them with a solid foundation to a lifelong relationship with the Lord. Some previous experiences I bring to my role here include serving overseas in missions, teaching German at South Adams, and loving on my 8 grandkids. It is a pleasure to get to serve the Lord and continue to grow in Him with these people.”


Joanne Neuenschwander - Secretary/Receptionist

Jen Meyer - Bookkeeper/Secretary

Steve Sommer - Custodian



The ministry leadership of First Mennonite Church is divided into four major groups. Each group, or commission, is responsible for a different area of ministry in our church. To promote proper communication and encouragement for these leaders, First Mennonite maintains a Ministries Council, Spiritual Guidance Cabinet and Gifts Discernment Committee. Below you’ll find the names of the leaders in each commission as well as ministry opportunities in each of the four ministry areas. Feel free to contact our leadership with questions or inquiries about involvement or ideas.

AnchorMinistries Council

This group of members is responsible for overseeing ongoing ministries at First Mennonite Church. The council contains members already involved in leadership in each of the ministry areas and is led by the senior pastor, a moderator, a secretary, and a treasurer.

Pastor Jeff Linthicum
Steve Lehman- Moderator
Greg Meyer- Church Treasurer
Sharon Neuenschwander- Clerk
Janell Schwartz
Matt Wheeler
Ted Beitler
Jim Buckingham
Mitch Simon
Randy Sprunger
Bob Garringer
Becky Bryan
Lois Lehman
Rick Gorrell

AnchorSpiritual Guidance Cabinet

These members oversee the spiritual climate of our congregation:

Neal Reusser - Chair
Darin Ringger
Phil Wulliman
Milly Fox
Kent Lehman

AnchorGifts Discernment Committee

These members help others in the church determine their God-given gifts and abilities and encourage members to use those gifts in specific ministries of the church.

Teri Liechty - Chair
Jeff C. Lehman
Barb Dawson
Jaci O'Dell
Naomi Lehman
Mary Sommer
Ernie Steiner
Jack Shoaf

AnchorWorship Commission

Jane Mosser
Lana Schwartz
Dave Knuth
Ted Beitler
Janell Schwartz
Erin McKean

AnchorWorship Ministries

Chancel Choir
Tom Fox and Ted Beitler - Co-Presidents
Brent Hyman- Director

Adult Handbell Choir
Gwen Habegger- Director

Youth Handbell Choir
Brent Hyman- Director

Choral Society
Ernie Steiner- President

Children's Choirs
Brent Hyman, Chris Hyman, Bertie Lehman - Directors

Technology Team
Alan Habegger and Dean Lehman- Co-Chairs

Flower Committee
Dave and Sue Wulliman- Chairs

Ushering Committee
Jamie Cressman- Chair

Jennifer Lehman and Jamie Cressman- Schedule Coordinators

AnchorCare Commission

Lois Lehman - Chair
Jennifer Meyer
Nancy Sprunger
Amy Tumbleson
Jim Buckingham
Sara Meyer

AnchorCare Ministries

Sunshine Hour
Pastor Jim Schwartz- Coordinator

Visitation Ministry
Pastor Jim Schwartz- Coordinator

Et Cetera Ecke
Joanna Gerber- Director

Kitchen Committee
Sara and Greg Meyer- Chairs

Funeral Meal Committee
Sondra Lehman, Gretta Lehman, Lori Sprunger, Janice Steiner- Co-Chairs

Wednesday Night Meals
Fall, Winter, Spring Meal Teams

Mission Care Team
Barb Wulliman- Chair

Hospitality Committee
Judy Fox, Barb Dawson- Co-Chairs

Peace and Service Committee
Paul Lehman and Mike Liechty- Co-Chairs

Project Share
Rod and Sandy Lehman

Jim Eicher

Mennonite Disaster Service
Jim Buckingham, Jim Eicher

Linda Eicher- Advocate

Compassionate Ministries
Amy Tumbleson, Brian Crockett

Quilting Committee
Evie Norr- Contact

Craft Committee
Nicki Lehman- Contact

Prayer Shawl Committee
Jeanne Stauffer- Contact

AnchorWitness Commission

Cindy Reusser
Tad Wulliman
Kim Ringger
Matt Wheeler
Becky Bryan
Becky Buckingham

AnchorWitness Ministries

Preschool Board
Chris Gilbert- Chair

Correspondent to Mennonite Weekly Review
Rick Sprunger

Editor of the Update
Lana Shoaf

Church Signs
Brent Hyman

Steve Lehman- Chair

Hebrews Coffee Ministry
Jennifer Reusser

Church Tours
Witness Commission

Prayer Room Committee
Darin & Kim Ringger - Chair

AnchorDisciple Commission

Jane Nussbaum - Chair
Carol Buckingham
Orlyn Lehman
Jenna Smith
Randy Sprunger
Rick Gorrell

AnchorDiscipleship Ministries

Children’s Ministry Committee
Chris Hyman - Director of Children’s Ministries

Adult Ministries Committee
Pastor Jim Schwartz - Chair

Nursery and Cradle Roll Committee
Alyssa Adams - Chair

Youth Ministry Committee
Seth Ringger - Interim Youth Director

Library Committee
Sara Jo Sprunger- Chair

Historical Committee
Michael Mosser- Chair

AnchorStewardship/Facilities Commission (Trustees)

Mike Habegger
Bob Garringer
Mitch Simon
Dave Fox
Dick McKean
Rick Neuenschwander


Finance Committee
Ernie Steiner, Dick McKean, Randy Sprunger, Greg Meyer, Charlie Habegger, Ted Lautzenheiser, Doug Bauman

Church Treasurers
Greg Meyer - Treasurer
Ted Lautzenheiser - Assistant Treasurer

AnchorEndowment Board of Trustees

Linda Eicher
Jeff (Sondra) Lehman
Sheree Barkley
Floyd Liechty
Elizabeth Fruechte
Becky (Kent) Lehman